Fountain of Youth Child Care honors a child's natural inclination for exploration. We provide center-based discovery learning integrated with quality literature, music, art and fun.

Meal Times
Fountain Of Youth will offer breakfast with orange juice and two health snacks daily. Packed lunches will be stored in our classroom refrigerator, and we are happy to warm up food in our microwave, as needed.

Change of Clothes
Please keep a seasonal change of clothes in your child's cubby at all times.

Outside Time
Weather permitting, the children will get to play outside everyday.

Rest Time
The children will rest quietly each day after lunch.

Show and Tell
One day a week the children will be encouraged to bring in something special to share with the class.

Kids in the Kitchen
Each week the children will have fun learning to cook a new food.

In-House Programs
During the school year, Fountain of Youth is pleased to arrange in-house program such as Zoo on Wheels, Quiver Farms, The Insectarium, The Academy of Natural Sciences, The Aquarium, and many more.