FountainOfYouth_BoyTree“Mr. John, We can’t thank you enough for all the patience and care you gave Daniel this summer. We’ve watched him blossom into a self-confident little man under your guidance. Have a great winter!”
- The Sanzonis

“Thank you Mr. John for making Brooke’s summer so much fun. She loved coming to camp and learned many new things- like how to snap her fingers and tap her toes at the same time! Hope to see you next year.”
- The Basiles

“Mr. John is the funniest teacher in the whole world, and I like when we sing Boris the Spider!”
- Ryan B. age 4

“Mr John, Thank you for making camp so much fun. You are very silly. Have a good winter. Hope to see you next summer.”
- Landon T. age 3

“Mr. John, I had so much fun in your class. Mommy said you’re the first teacher who got me to sing my ABC’s and read books. She is very happy now…”
- Michael M. age 4

“I like Mr. John because he plays the flute and the guitar and he gives us grapes and water balloons and he takes us to the playground and he reads us stories everyday.”
- Georgio age 3

"Dear Mr. John, Thank you for helping our Kate learn to love school. She was so nervous at first, but now she gets up in the morning and is eager to go. Her artistic creations hang everywhere in our home, and she skips about singing all the songs you taught her. Thanks Again for everything!”
- The Grier Family

"Mr. John, How fortunate we were to have you as Hailey’s first teacher. She loved coming to school and has told us she wants you to be her teacher forever. ~We’ll be sure to visit!"
- The Roans